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Fire and Safety is East Texas , and Louisiana’s largest distributor of  Flame Resistant Clothing  and now offers TECGEN SELECT Flame Resistant Clothing . We have a large in store selection, if we don’t have it locally we have 5 warehouses we can pull from to outfit your company. We offer custom embroidery solutions that allow us to add your logo, name or custom safety reflective stripping .

TECGEN SELECT offers a wide variety of Flame Resistant Coveralls, Flame Resistant Shirts, and Flame Resistant Work Jeans.  Call our Flame Resistant Clothing Specialist to help outfit your company: Jerry at 903-930-9920

FR Protection you want to wear

Flame-resistant clothing has evolved over several decades. For years, safety and maintenance managers had limited choices for FR daily wear to protect their employees. The leading problem with legacy FR garments is comfort. Historically, FR garments are heavy weight, limited in their ability to breathe, and lacked the ability to manage sweat.

There is a new choice in the evolution of FR Protection and Comfort …TECGEN SELECT® fabrics are engineered to provide comfortable FR garments to the workwear market. Balancing the key elements of comfort and protection, TECGEN SELECT® garments are the lightest-weight FR garments certified for NFPA 70 E (HRC 2) and NFPA 2112 (Flash Fire). With a higher degree of breathability than other dual certified FR garments, and its fast moisture-wicking capabilities. TECGEN SELECT® offers the solution FR wearers have demanded:

Protection, Weight, Breathability, and Moisture Management